Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Game of Gift Giving.. What to Buy for Men

If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet.. Get On It.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales behind us, its time to hunker down on your gift list and start shopping.. How else is our economy going to get out of the gutter?

Since a decent amount of holiday gift pitches come across my desk at work I figured I'd share a few of my favorites here. I'm going to start with some ideas for picking out a gift for the men in your lives. Whether it's your husband, significant other, brother, cousin etc...
 Here are a few manly gifts to consider.

A nationwide dating survey reported that 26% of males are attracted to die-hard sports fans and 46% of men find women who know their sports trivia attractive..So pay attention to what his favorite sports team is and score his MVP (Most Valued Present) this year.

If you can afford it and brave the plausible blustering winter weather grab some sports tickets for the two of you to enjoy... He won't expect you to shell out thousands for the best seats but pick the best ones you can afford... some ticket sites to browse through;
, to name a few outside the regular and craigslist hot spots...

If you have to travel to go see his team then start with some fun sports gear that will keep him warm this winter...You can find them here:

Let him know you have a sense of humor with a Boobzie, a line of voluptuous coozies to keep those beverages cool. Find them at:

Get him off the couch without sounding like a nagging old wife with the gift of NBA Baller Beats... its a motion-based sports video game that requires you to use a real basketball in an interactive beats-driven experience. Players will have to time their dribble to the beat of each song and perform a variety of skill moves displayed on-screen to score points.. The only catch is that its exclusively on Kinect™ for Xbox 360, so make sure he has that type of game counsel before you go ahead and buy it... its sounds like cool concept though that you could easily turn into a fun competitive game to play against each other in.

For a neat semi-techy gift that you might also want for yourself check out the billfold wallet case. Its a sleek wallet/phone case in one! It's a leather phone case that also carries credit cards in a 2 slot holder and an ID in a clear pocket. Find it here: