Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lessons From New York City

Whether you are a born New Yorker or an after college renter, most people who live in New York City share some kind of common love for the fast-paced metropolitan.

When outsiders accuse us of being rude or mean we fight back and exclaim "if you don't know how to walk then get out of the way!"...

 Since I can remember I have always wanted to live in NYC, as a young girl from a small suburb town in Connecticut it was where I HAD to live. And now after 6 years I'm leaving my digs on the UES.

I came upon a article titled "50 important lessons NYC taught Me" ( ) ... Some of them I agree with wholeheartedly but I figured I would give you 5 of my own lessons I've learned over the years here...

1- Manage your Money Wisely.. don't get stuck in a NYC apartment you can hardly afford. Cheap rent is Key; paying more for a place in a 'more trendy' location that you'll never spend enough time in is a waste of money - besides why would you stay in when you have the whole city with things to do and places that are open 24-7 right outside your door?

2- Don't Worry about What you Look like All-the-Time: In a city with millions of people your chances of running into last weeks date or your office crush are slim, so roll out of bed with your pj's still on and walk over to your favorite bagel place. If you need to stop at Duane Read after a gym session so be it, you think those cashiers care what you look like? Just make sure you look presentable for work and social outings.

3- Don't slow down for Anyone: This doesn't mean knock over the poor old lady walking down the street, but life comes at you fast so come at it even faster! Taking a stroll or walking at a turtle pace is overrated. The early Bird catches the worm but if the 2nd worm can crawl faster my money is on him. Don't wait for opportunities to come to you, everyone in the city is competitive, money-hungry and success-driven, so do it first and do it faster.

4- Learn to get along and be Nice..To Everyone; No one said you have to like everyone, but getting along and being nice to people around you will pay off in end. Being nice to the coffee stand guy will ensure your coffee comes out the way you like it every morning (minor, but no New Yorker wants to start his/her day off with bad or burnt coffee).. Say thank you to your office mail man ( maybe your magazine subscriptions will start turning up again and your personal mail will get sent out on time). The city is filled with every type of personality so don't think you can roam the streets with your clique in tow like you did in college or High School.Your best friend's lease may not end at the same time yours does so get ready to audition some unexpected roommate candidates.

5- Be Safe not paranoid; NYC is an amazing place but it can also be scary. You can get mugged walking through a car garage at night in Alabama just as much as you can get mugged in day-light on the UES... It doesn't hurt to carry mace around with you just like it doesn't hurt to make a rule not to travel the subways alone past 11pm. Crime and scummy criminals are everywhere these days and NYC will prepare and train you to be more cautious and aware of your surroundings.

Those are my 5 Lessons for now, What has NYC taught you?