Monday, October 15, 2012

21 Things Women Wish Men Knew

I always love when I come across these girly lists of what women or men want.. Today I happened to find one from on 21 Thing women wish men knew... the full list is below, of course with some of my own personal antidotes.


1.)    Shopping IS therapeutic-NOT really or all the time, ever seen a woman go bathingsuit shopping? 
2.)    We know when you’re not listening- The glaze that covers your eyes aren't sunglasses, just because you flipped ESPN on doesn't mean I was finished with my sentence. 
3.)    There’s no such thing as a white lie from a man- No but there is such a thing as a bad lie, so just try being honest and we won't have to call you out on it.
4.)    A man that can cook is REALLY sexy – But boiling spaghetti and microwaving sauce out of a can doesn't count
5.)    Chivalry is NOT dead. Open a door for goodness sake.- Open a door, say excuse me when you burp outloud and try NOT to talk about farts or going # 2 at the dinner table or in front of my girlfriends.
6.)    Nice guys really do finish last. They’re the ones we’re with in the end.- As long as they 'finish' last.
7.)    Only rock stars are allowed to wear leather pants- No leather, pleather or skinny jeans please, no woman wants to be reminded her guy is skinnier than her.
8.)    We LOVE flowers, backrubs and ooo…chocolate. Flowers are at almost every city corner or any grocery store so NO excuses not to pick us up a bouquet at least once a week..
9.)    Intelligence is attractive- In conversation only, don't think your the next TV political analyst because we all have our own opinions and they most likely won't match-up ALL the time.
10.) Honesty is even more attractive- But don't you EVER tell us we gained any kind of weight unless were pregnant.
11.) Calling when you said you would shows integrity- or shows you might not be a douchebag 
12.) Not calling when you said you would is the kiss of death- Only if your really prissy... things come up, just make sure you call eventually.
13.) Men don’t own the remote- And neither do we, it's called get 2 TV's if your living together.
14.) There is no such thing as too many shoes or handbags- But if we're being delusional and diving into debt, you could say so nicely. 
15.) Women ARE good drivers- Just not me... or my mother for that matter
16.) It takes 50 compliments to offset one thoughtless remark- Or a really nice dinner with good wine.
17.) No matter how old we are, we love it when men hold our hands- Yup, it's the small things, if you don't it tells us your too embarrassed to let everyone know you enjoy spending time with your GF.
18.) Decisiveness is attractive.  Indecisiveness is so NOT- Don't always ask us what we want to do tonight or where we want to go, your the man, make a decision. 
19.) We don’t expect you to look like Arnold Schwarneggar. Just be healthy and fit-If you want us to stay fit, you stay fit.
20.) We love it when you tell us what you’re thinking- But not all the time though, this is why boys should have had diary's growing up.
21.) We are the best thing that ever happened to you- Don't forget it, ever. The moment you do we'll know, it's called a woman's intuition. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Promiscuous Girl? Promiscuous Boy!

Nelly Furtado might have been signing about a promiscuous girl, but a new study says men should keep count of their own "number"., a quote "Sugar Daddy dating website", announced its list of the “most promiscuous” cities in America

 38% of their Sugar Daddy customers claim to have more than 7 partners per year, with the biggest 'casual' cities such as Chicago, Birmingham and Las Vegas topping the list.

Surprisingly enough New York city didn't even make the list! Only 15% of New York men claim to have more than 7 sexual partners a year.

Almost more shocking ( only because its soon to be my new zip code) is how the town of Hoboken, NJ came in #8 on the list with 57% of wealthy men having 7 or more sexual partners annually. I guess its not entirely out of the norm since it was the town that Jersey Shore's Snooky and JWow wanted to tape their spin-off in (even though they were denied by the town and basically banned). The town could also get some spiked #'s by its endearing reputation of being 'HobokaSquan'... aka a mesh of all the young and mostly single Hoboken residents that venture down the Jersey parkway to slum and sleep it up in Manasquan NJ for the summer.

A couple side notes for the rest of the Top 10...

Cities With The Most Promiscuous Men in America

1. Chicago, Illinois 72% -No surprise here after recently visiting the windy city,a large Guy to Gal ratio
2. Birmingham, Alabama 70% - hmm what else is there to do in Alabama...
3. Las Vegas, Nevada 68% -whatever happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, unless its a anonymous sex survey
4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 64% - Bored
5. Atlanta, Georgia 62% - Bored and hot
6. Phoenix, Arizona 61% - Bored with lots of college towns near by
7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 59% - Wishes they were more like NYC guys
8. Hoboken, New Jersey 57% - 'HobokaSquan' + St.Patty's Day, need I say more?
9. Richmond, Virginia 55% - For every 100 females there are 87 males
10. Hartford, Connecticut 54% - My hometown state!? This must be a typo!

Monday, October 1, 2012

PrAnK WaRs

If your one of the Millions of people who are still waiting patiently for your iPhone 5.. take a look at this great prank video..It features a fake Apple employee dropping several boxes of iPhone 5’s in front of customers who have been waiting inline to purchase the phone for hours... Lets just say the customers aren't amused with this Apple employee..